We do not list all of our available services online.  Below are just some of the services that we have offered our clients.  Please contact our team for any further inquiries.  

Covert Device Management

Let our team support your team by setting up your covert devices for case management and covert billing. 



Cyber Security

We have partnered with industry leaders to provide enterprise networking and cyber security solutions.  We offer penetration testing and incident response services. 


Our team can conduct social media investigations, cyber investigations, and even stalking cases.



Privacy Solutions

We offer services for high-value clients to protect anonymity and to mitigate risk. 

Digital Forensics and E-Discovery

Whether it's data recovery for full-blown cell phone and computer forensics, we do it all.



Executive Protection

We offer physical and digital protection.  We are unique in that our team is headed by intelligence specialists and risk management professionals.